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lake dunstan trail maps
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This is the most challenging and rewarding section of the trail. With multiple large ascents and descents coupled with some narrow sections, you need to concentrate. You’re going to earn your views so make sure you stop and take a look from the high points. 

The Cairnmuir Ladder is the longest continuous climb and takes to to the highest point on the trail. Pace yourself because there is another climb further along the trail after Halfway Hut. Take it easy on those descents so you are always in control of your bike. 

The engineering on the clip on cycle ways is amazing and you won’t find this anywhere else in the country at this scale. They do create some congestion as it’s single file, be courteous to other riders and everyone will have a great time. 

In the middle of this section is the Hugo suspension bridge which just adds to the adventure. 

Once you’re over the last “hump” after Halfway Hut then it all gets a lot easier as you head towards Clyde and some welcome refreshments.

lake dunstan trail water

There are no water refill options available on this section. Make sure you have refilled before you depart.

lake dunstan trail food
coffee afloat lake dunstan trail

Coffee Afloat

New Zealands most unique and friendliest café. It really is in the middle of nowhere but perfectly positioned. Hours Mon to Fri 10:30 AM – ...
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lake dunstan trail toilets

Cairnmuir Ladder Toilet

Near the base of the Cairnmuir Ladder ascent you’ll find a long drop toilet. Please note this is a long drop toilet and you will ...
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Halfway Hut Public Toilet

Just past Halfway Hut you’ll find a toilet.  Please note this is a long drop toilet and you will need  your own toilet paper. 
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Dunstan Arm Rowing Club Public Toilet

On the left hand side of the rowing club you’ll find toilets that are open to the public.  Please note this is a long drop ...
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Clyde Public Toilets

Next Olivers Merchant of Clyde Cafe on the walkway between Sunderland and Holloway Streets you’ll find Clydes public toilets. 
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Clyde Railhead Public Toilets

There is Department of Conservation toilet in the car park at the Clyde Railhead. 
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Alexandra Pioneer Park Public Toilets

Toilets are on the playground side of the Museum building
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