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Te Reo: There is no Maori translation for Clyde, however there are some significant landmarks nearby. The Mata-au river (pronounced Ma – toe) is commonly known as “The Clutha” river. The Maori translation means “surface current”, while the the word Clutha is Gaelic for “Clyde”.

The Old Man Range that looks down on the region from the West is known as Kōpūwai (koh poo why) after a mythical giant. On the top of the range, you’ll find the Old Man Rock which is said to be the body of Kōpūwai after he was defeated by 

Established: The gold mining township of Dunstan was renamed to Clyde on 22 May 1865 after Lord Clyde

Population: 1023

Elevation: 166 m

Overview: Known as the starting point for the Otago Central Rail Trail, Roxburgh Gorge / Clutha Gold Trail experiences, Clyde is an exceptionally quaint little town that wears it’s gold mining heritage with pride. The township has a fabulous range of cafes, restaurants, some boutique stores and galleries. It also boats one of the best little cinemas around. Make sure you factor in some time to explore Clyde.

Clyde to Alexandra - Rail Trail

Distance: 8km

Gradient: decline


Otago Central Rail Trail - Clyde to Alexandra profile

Time to ride

@ 10 km/h


@ 15 km/h


@ 20 km/h