Daphne Hull Under Pass and Bruce Potter Mural

The Daphne Hull under pass was constructed in 2015 after close to 8 years of work by many members of the community. It’s been a “life saver” in a very real sense as previously, cyclists had to cross State Highway 8, children included. 

Named in recognition, of Daphne Hull, a driving force behind the establishment of the Otago Central Rail Trail and long time Otago Central Rail Trail Trust Chair and board member, this underpass is a true asset just like Daphne. 

In 2017, Promote Dunstan commissioned the painting of a massive mural by local artist Bruce Potter. The work was completed and opened in 2019. We’re pleased to say that despite working in some very trying conditions, Bruce will has all of his fingers. Take some time to view it, he has done an amazing job. 

If you’re planning to ride the River Track through to Alexandra, then you should plan on at least riding out to the underpass and the official sign at the start of the Rail Trail.


Between 25 and 27 Albert Drive, Clyde 9330

Open 24hrs per day